Where we farm

Cermaq is a global company, with farming operations in Norway, Canada and Chile.

Our operations in each country are as unique as the countries they operate in. Each operating company is led by a local executive team, which senior members from each country's team forming the global executive team, which sits in Oslo, Norway. 

At Cermaq, we feel our diversity is one of our strengths, and work to encourage knowledge and experience sharing between our operations. It isn't uncommon for Cermaq employees to travel within the company to support other operating companies to share knowledge and experience as we feel that by sharing this information and talent, we will become stronger as an organization. 

As a global organization, we are aware of the challenges being faced around the world from climate change, ocean debris and micro-plastics, declining natural fish stocks, and loss of arable lands for traditional protein farming. We are supporting the United Nations and its work to combat these issues and are active participants in SeaBOS and Global Salmon Initiative.

Cermaq is owned by Mitsubishi, and are part of the organization’s Healthy Living branch.

Our farms are located in some of the most remote locations in the world.

Although we farm in locations spread thousands of kilometers apart - from the Artic Circle, to the wild of Patagonia, to the stillness of Clayoquot Sound - we farm is some of the most pristine and beautiful locations in the world.

  • True Arctic
  • Silent night - moon over vulcano
  • Scenic from plane of archipelago
  • Sloppegrunn
  • Nov 2017 Saranac Island david robinson
  • Sea site production Chile
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