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Cermaq Canada reviewing details of the Minister of Fisheries June 19, 2024 announcement on the 5 year reissuance of licenses and the future of Aquaculture in British Columbia

The details of this new, previously uncommunicated policy put forward today will require an extensive review internally and with the First Nations with whom we have agreements.


Outcome of Second Judicial Review Released

Cermaq Canada will continue to focus on working within the broader transition framework and to support a responsible plan for the future of aquaculture in British Columbia.


Cermaq Canada adopts Cargill salmon feed with Veramaris algal oil

The introduction of algal oil aims to reduce the need for marine fish oils in salmon feed.


UPDATED - Cermaq Canada Faces Challenges on Stormy Christmas: Comprehensive Response Underway

A plan has been approved by WorkSafe BC and activities have now commenced at the site.


Cermaq Canada statement on Pacific Herring incidental catch numbers in 2022

Incidental Pacific herring catch in 2023 has seen a 94.6% reduction over 2022.


Cermaq Canada's Statement on Filing a Notice of Application for a Judicial Review

In response to DFO's decision regarding licenses in the area referred to as the Discovery Islands region


Changes in Broughton LOU area

Statement regarding Broughton LOU area


Statement regarding Minister Joyce Murray's most recent decision not to re-issue salmon farm licenses in the Discovery Islands

Last week, the Government of Canada, represented by Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray announced a decision not to re-issue salmon farm licenses in a region they are referring to as the Discovery Islands. Three of Cermaq Canada’s farm licenses located in the Klahoose Nation and the Laich-kwil-tach Nations territories, respectively, were not reissued. We are reviewing the decision in more detail but are disappointed and dismayed by this decision that makes no sense in a time when food security and jobs matter so much. This decision provides no stability to our company and greatly impacts our employees who have experienced a tumultuous few years, as this latest decision was contemplated over several iterations of flawed engagement attempts by DFO.


Cermaq Canada and Ahousaht Nation renew protocol agreement

Campbell River and Tofino, BC – A renewed, 5-year protocol between the Ahousaht First Nation and Cermaq Canada was signed this Spring to bring focus to the priorities of the Nation and to provide a road map for how Cermaq will farm in their territory, into the future.


Valuable data gathered for further testing of SCCS

Cermaq Canada remains committed to innovation and testing new technology but due to a technical fault and related fish welfare, the trial of our Semi-Closed Containment System (SCCS) has been finished in the current phase. The SCCS was in the third stage of a four stage R&D trial to test new, salmon farming technology at its Millar site in Clayoquot Sound.