Our Farms

Fish health and welfare

At Cermaq, the most important thing we do at work every day is take care of each other and take care of our fish.

We will lead in animal welfare, using our experience supported by the latest scientific knowledge to ensure we give our fish the highest possible standard of care.

We use the best animal husbandry practices to control disease, handle our fish gently and humanely, and do everything possible to minimize stress levels.

We will ensure our fish in their environment stay healthy, grow and thrive.

As a company, our operating models reflect this commitment.

We show this through:

  • Low-density stocking of our farms so that our salmon are free to move and participate in natural behaviors such as schooling.
  • Continuing to invest in technologies and research aimed at improving the health and welfare of our fish - as well as wild populations.
  • Supporting overall ocean health improvement projects and programs, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as we need, healthy thriving oceans to ensure we can continue to feed families for generations to come.
  • Performing multiple daily water quality checks at our to monitor for algae, oxygen levels, or other indictors which might affect our fish,
  • Performing vaccinations and multiple health check before sending our smolts to our ocean sites to ensure that our fish are healthy and string. Once at sea, we continue to closely monitor fish for health, behavior and appetite.
  • Buying high-quality, sustainable feed with fully traceable ingredients.
Employee with fish