Accountability and transparency

Sea lice reporting

We publicly report sea lice levels throughout the year for all of our active farm sites.

Why are sea lice counts important?

Cermaq counts lice on a weekly basis in order to meet and exceed Aquaculture license requirements and ensure the health and welfare of the fish in our care and of surrounding wild salmon.

Timely and accurate identification and enumeration is important for a few reasons:

  • Provide a clear picture of the sea lice status on our fish.
  • Sea lice trends aid in determining the best approach for managing levels.
  • Help determine if a treatment is necessary and how soon it should be done.

How does Cermaq publicly report their Sea Lice counts?

  • Weekly figure reported every Monday is the average sea lice abundance for the farm during the previous Sunday to Saturday period.
  • Where there are two sample events within one week (pre and post-treatment), post-treatment counts will be posted on the Cermaq website.
  • All sea lice sampling counts are reported to DFO, who then publicly report these counts on their website.

Sea lice counts updated as of March 27th, 2023

Farm Motile lepeophtheirus salmonis (average number per fish) Comments
Bare Bluff  0.32   
Bawden Point   0.03   
Bedwell Sound   0.64   
Binns Island     Inactive 
Brent Island     Inactive 
Cecil Island    Inactive 
Cypress Harbour  0.20   
Dixon Bay   0.00   
Fortune Channel   0.73   
Maude Island     Inactive 
McIntyre Lake     Inactive 
Millar Channel   0.03   
Mussel Rock     Inactive 
Plover Point   0.35  Delousing underway 
Rant Point     Inactive 
Raza Island     Inactive 
Ross Pass     Inactive 
Saranac Island     Inactive 
Simmonds     Inactive 
Sir Edmund Bay     Inactive 
Venture Point     Inactive 
Wehlis Bay     Inactive 
Westside     Inactive